The PD25MU Compact 25 Note MIDI/USB Pedalboard

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The PD25UM0101 Pedalboard

The PD25UM0101 Pedalboard brings full multitimbral capability to the home or any other convenient space.

Wood Construction

Concave and radial pedal arrangement. Constructed using traditional spruce/pine/fur solid wood and is wear tested mechanically for consistent, durable operation and play-ability.

Fully MIDI Compliant

For use with Organ sample virtual instrument software (open source or commercial licensed), MIDI compliant keyboard/synthesizers/tone generators, and computer software such as sequencers and DAWs.


Settable using MIDI utility software for Windows or Linux. Settings include: MIDI Channel, USB/MIDI cable, Pedal Sensitivity, Pedal Velocity, and Transposition Interval

USB/MIDI DIN Operation

Fully USB Powered. Both USB MIDI and/or MIDI DIN plug compatible interfaces.

Psalte Support

Owners Manual and configuration support scripts downloads with examples for Windows and Linux.

Compact Size

Can be used at home or any space that is slightly confined compared to the volume of space needed for a larger, more traditional pedalboard.

Download The PD25UM0101 Owner's Manual

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